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Participating in the next trade show? We Can Help!

For this, we would like to know more about you. Give us your details - your name, phone number, email address, and the organisation where you work - so we can reach out to you when we have the solution ready for you. Do not worry. All of your information is safe with us!

Now let’s turn to know more about the booth that you have in mind for your trade show, like what is the name of the event, size of the booth, the budget you’ve identified for it. Do you feel that is too much information to fill in and don’t have enough time in hand? Just input the mandatory field and we can still create a plan for you.

Don’t have anything in mind? That’s okay too. You’re in safe hands. We can help you there as well. Just reach out to us and we can help you fill out your form.

Think form filling is a waste of time? Read on to let us disprove that notion. Here are three things we can help you with when you merely fill the form and send to us:

  1. 1. The most cost-effective solution for your next trade show.
  2. 2. How to design your trade show booth to target the right audience - a crowded booth doesn’t necessarily mean a successful one.
  3. 3. Help identify wasteful spend by getting access to our budget worksheet.

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